[Update Changelog]
All Dungeon is now available to be enter with party (all dungeon including DX & Chaos Infinity).
Gold Coins Drops now available on (Altar of Siena B1F , Altar of Siena B2F & Ruina Station).
Santa Monster on all maps has been removed due to macro issue.
Altar of Siena B1F gives 3,000 DP , Altar of Siena B2F gives 5,000 DP & Ruina Station gives 6,000 DP each runs.
Secret Chest of Altar of Siena B1F (Prideus has been remove and replaced with 2,500,000 honor point potion).
Altar of Siena B1F & Ruina Stations Gold Rate is now increase dramaticly.
New UI a.K.a Interface Bundled has been add into patch. Feel free to test them.
Minista Chapter 12 Boss HP is now increase dramaticly.
Channel 2 & 3 is now available for Free PK.
Hourly Freebies is now changed. For now on every player will receive these stuff (Honor Potion 250,000),(Pet Exp 100,000),(Essence Rune Box)&(Chaos Extenders)
Price of Slot Extenders is now increase and N shop a.K.a eCoin shop is now updated.
New guild that requested guild embem is now added into new patch.
TG HP now increase extra 125% last time was 100%.
TG tims is now every 2 hours (last time was every 3 hours per tg).
Bringer shout is now reduce to 5 second cooldown..
Success rate has been decrease dramaticly in game.
Altar of Siena B1F & Altar of Siena B2f drops is now corrected. Thanks to someone who report to Admin.
Mithril & SIGMetal Equipment price is now increase dramaticly.
Mithril & SIGMetal Equipment is now on +15.
Saint Forcecalibut Weapon is now available on Event Yul Shop.
Potion of Vitality is now appear on Game but the price is very expansive.
Premium Face & Hairstyle is now available on NPC.
Matrix Arch is now available on NPC with custom set effect.
Price of Highest Scroll (Sword Skill Amp),(Magic Skill Amp),(Max Critical Rate) & (Critical Rate) is now increase 50%
Alz & WEXP Potion is now available on NPC (Located on Warp Center NPC)
Dungeon Point is now show correctly.
Combo is now increase up to 45 .
Love Letter / Stain Clone to Gold Coins / Alz to Gold Coins converter is no longer required T-Point.

[Droprate Highlights]

Altar of Siena B1F
Potion of honor (2,500,000) & Potion of honor (25,000,000).
Gold Coins 3pcs (Standard Mobs) & 50 pcs (Boss) + (Mini Boss).
Alz Drops (280,000).
Dungeon Points (3,000) per runs.

Altar of Siena B2F
Gold Coins 5 pcs (Standard Mobs) , 30 pcs (Fire Gate) & 65 pcs (Boss)
Alz Drops (280,000)
Last chest essence runes (Sword Skill Amp,Magic Skill Amp,Max Critical rate Up,Critical Rate Up,Critical DMG.
Dungeon Points (5,000) per runs.

Ruina Station
Gold coins 10 pcs (Standard Mobs) & 65 pcs (Boss)
All chest possibly drops all kinds of Scrolls including Amps, Critical Rate, & Max Critical Rate.
Last Chest consist of (Extenders,Runes,Pefect Cores & Scrolls)
Dungeon Points (6,000) per runs.

Radiant Hall
100,000,000 Alz Per Mobs
127x 2 Gold Coins.
Dungeon Points (12,800) per runs.

Chaos Arena 5
100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 Alz Per Mobs
100 ~ 127 Gold Coins
5x Stain Clone [Character Bind] (Random Value).
Dungeon Points (3,000) per runs.

Chaos Arena 6
200,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 Alz Per Mobs
127x 2 Gold Coins (Random Value).
5x Stain Clone [Character Bind] (Random Value).
Dungeon Points 5,000) per runs.

Anything you done in game is fully logged. And any cheat/hacks that cause the mapcrash will lead to account banned!