Video : How to convert Stain Clone

Stain Clone Converting Guide
Item Needed: Stain Clone (Drop Not Allowed) & T-points
First thing, you have to do is put your Stain Clone (Drop Not Allowed) into the very 1st slot on your inventory.
After talking to Yul open 'Stain Clone Quest (Consumables)' store.
Then convert your Stain Clone (Drop Not Allowed) to Stain Clone (Character Binding Item ).
After converting to 90 pcs(or more) you can now buy an Archadium Item of your choice in Stain Clone Quest (Armor) or (Weapon).
Extra Tips: after converting them you might want to put the Stain Clone (Character Binding Item) on the very 1st slot on your inventory to avoid alz/item bugs.

List Warp Center NPC

Essence Runes Custom Effects

Frequently Asked Question
Question : Is this rebirth server?
Answer : No! It's not a reborn server.

Question : Where can i find Starter Pack NPC?
Answer : After downloading GamePatch located on download section. NPC Is located on Warp Center.

Question : Max Level for this server?
Answer : 190!

Question : Is this server provide freebies and bm3 in game?
Answer : Yes! Free BM3 located at (Port Lux) and Class Rank 14 is needed.

Question : Starter Kit Pack?
Answer : Mapcode up to Arcane Trace , Class 11 & Instant Level 100 on earlier character created

Question : Is this server easy to make Alz in game?
Answer : Yes it does! Porta Inferno drops 280,000 Alz per drop with other cool stuff. Check Dropbase section for more info.

Question : How do i leveling faster?
Answer : You need shadowtitanium item & Party (Which have blessing bead plus) that can boost level faster. If alone, you need to level up at Lakeside until 120 then get back into Warp Center then buy Potion of Exp (Cost around 1 alz per bottle)

Question : Why my skill SP is slow?
Answer : You need Blessing Bead (Skill Exp) in order to boost SP faster or in other way you need Fury Potion as well

Question : I gain Skill Exp Slower! Why?
Answer : Because you need Skill Exp Potion! Head to Warp Center to buy one. After use it simply relogin and your skill is maxed up.

Question : Why i don't see any Newbie NPC on Warp Center?
Answer : Because you need Latest Game Patch! Refer download section and download the Patch. Logout the game and patch up the patch into your CABAL folder and restart the game.

Question : How much T-Point can be earn on standard channel?
Answer : [Channel 1,2,3] 10 T-Point & [TG Channel]20 T-Point. With Blessing Bead Plus (Exclusive) it will doubled the rate.

Question : This server allowed to farm T-Point using Show Off Skill on town?
Answer : Yes it does.

Question : Is this server secure with Antihack?
Answer : Yes it does.

Question : Where can i see new costume picture?
Answer : Click Here!    

Question : Where can i do Battle Style Quest aka BsLv Quest faster?
Answer : Desert Scream near mummy blader respawn place

Question : When i start the game then it's says detection on "Taskhost.exe" or "TaskEng.exe" or "Realtek HD Gui". After click OK my game automaticly exit.
Answer : Click Here!    

Question : How to change nation?
Answer : 12345671 (Capella) or 1234562 (Procyon)  Note: Number represent Alz in Character Iventory! Nation can be assign one time per character!

Question : Why my game keep crashing?
Answer : Because you're not using CabalMain with husky parameter.

  • Open your cabal folder
  • Right click on cabalmain.exe
  • Create shortcut to desktop
  • Refer the screenshot and make exact thing. Discard "" just add husky and all will be fine.

    Dungeon Info
    Dungeon Name Dungeon Points
    The Lake in Dusk 100 DP
    Ruina Station 80 DP
    Frozen Tower of Undead(B1F) 300 DP
    Catacomb Frost (Easy) 30 DP
    Catacomb Frost (Normal) 45 DP
    Catacomb Frost (Hard) 80 DP
    Catacomb Frost (Premium) 200 DP
    Panic Cave (Easy) 30 DP
    Panic Cave (Normal) 45 DP
    Panic Cave (Hard) 80 DP
    Panic Cave (Premium) 200 DP
    Lava Hellfire (Easy) 30 DP
    Lava Hellfire (Normal) 50 DP
    Lava Hellfire (Hard) 90 DP
    Lava Hellfire (Premium) 200 DP
    Steamer Crazy(Easy) 30 DP
    Steamer Crazy(Normal) 45 DP
    Steamer Crazy(Hard) 80 DP
    Steamer Crazy(Premium) 200 DP
    Forgotten Temple B1F 150 DP
    Illusion Castle Underworld 150 DP
    Forbidden Island 600 DP
    Forgotten Temple B2F 1000 DP
    Illusion Castle Radiant Hall 300 DP
    Altar of Siena B1F 150 DP
    Altar of Siena B2F 600 DP
    Maquinas Outpost 1000 DP
    Chaos Arena Lv.6 400 DP
    Hazardous Valley (Easy) 30 DP
    Hazardous Valley (Normal) 45 DP
    Hazardous Valley (Hard) 100 DP
    Chaos Infinity 2500 DP
    Battle Style as known as Rank Up Quest and Minesta Monster List
    Black Circle Monsters:
  • Armap
  • Blaze Hound
  • Blazelord
  • Berunosya
  • Bloody Orc
  • Bloody Ogre
  • Dark Phalanx
  • Death Knight
  • Druga
  • Durahan
  • Ectoleaf
  • Fire Servant
  • Flame Warrior Zombie
  • Groga
  • Maku
  • UMD-01 Brachium
  • UMD-02 Cornus
  • Viant
  • Vice Felichra

  • White Circle Monsters:
  • Demonic Alis
  • Demonic Jason
  • UMD-02 Upgrade Cornus

  • Turquoise Circle Monsters:
  • MF-01 Eins Frame
  • MF-02 Zwei Frame
  • MF-03 Drei Frame

  • Dark Blue Circle Monsters:
  • Ingrozi
  • Macadum
  • Vallist

  • The picture above shows the mobs location. Please be advice that respawn time of the monster is almost instance.